Tires, Tubes, Thorn Proofing

What's the cost?

We offer a range of options to reduce your chances of a puncture from road hazards. HomeTubesTiresThere is no" one size" fit and we work with our clients to determine the combination of tire style, tube, sealant, and protective inner linear to meet their desired tradeoff between overall wheel weight and puncture resistance.

Single wheel prices range from $23 for an installed standard tube to $84 for a full puncture resistant protection service that includes a new tube with sealant, a heavy duty puncture resistant liner, and a new tire (price can vary for specialty tires and brand).

Our Full Bike Puncture Resistant Package provides a 20% discount over separately purchased services. This package includes 2 tires, 2 tubes with sealant, and 2 heavy duty liners for $139.

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