Brake Adjustments and Wheel Truing

WHAT’S The Cost ?

RoundAbout offers:

  • Brake tune-up for $20
  • On-Bike Wheel truing for $15, per wheel
  • On-truing stand for $25, per wheel
  • A Wheel Package for $73 (an 11% discount) that includes:
    • Full bike inspection
    • Clean and lubricate drive train (including chain, derailleurs, chain ring, cassette, etc.)
    • Derailleurs tune-up
    • Brake tune-up
    • On-bike wheel truing (on truing stand add $16)

WHY purchase our brake adjustment and wheel truing maintenance service ?

Maintaining proper brake and rim adjustment is key to safe and enjoyable cycling.  HomeBrakeAdujstmentsBesides being potentially dangerous -- worn, misaligned, or improperly tensioned brakes can result in poor handling, rider fatigue, and excessive tire wear.  This can result in much more costly and avoidable repair expenses down the road.  Lack of confidence in braking power takes the joy out of riding.  At its core, stopping power is all about the interaction at the brake pad-rim interface (although modern bike disk brakes have a different geometry, the principle is the same).

Lateral wheel or rim truing is simply the process of ensuring that the edge of the rim surface maintains a constant distance from the brake pad as the wheel spins (in other words the edge of the rim looks like the edge of a flat disk).  Riders may often experience a severely “out of true” wheel as a vibration associated with a “wobbly wheel”.  In most cases, wheel trueness can be addressed by correcting improper spoke tension.  Minor adjustments can be accomplished with the wheel on the bike. More severe situations require the use of a truing stand upon which the wheel, with the tire removed, is placed.  Note: An out of tru wheel condition can result from a damaged spoke or rim and should not be ignored. 

Contact Information

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